Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Haven't Posted Lately.

But last week was so interesting! On Tuesday we played bingo. One of the men that won gave me a handshake after he won and was quick to boast that this was his first time ever winning anything for as long as he could remember. On Thursday, I met a man who was going to a comedy club to preform his jokes the next night. I found out there was a guy who used to play guitar with Neil Diamond, and another guy who has written over 5,000 poems. The ones he read to me were amazing.

This week, we had our pictures taken by a professional photographer for a RITI newsletter. I really hope mine gets in. The photographer has worked with Ewan McGregor, Taylor Swift, The Governor of Tennessee, and many other famous people.

There are so many amazing stories to be heard at RITI. Seeing and hearing the reality these people live in is an amazing part of my job. The stories to be told are incredible. Every day I learn the truth behind homelessness and break down the misconceptions that I have.

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