Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Week of Work

My first week at Room In The Inn. Where do I even start??? It was certainly an interesting week, and the staff members I work with at the service desk told me I came in during a time that's pretty unique to the rest of the year. On Thursday we served lunch with many less people than we planned on; the church who had volunteered to help us didn't show up. On Tuesday, my first day, I had to clean the bathrooms and learned to do laundry. And Wednesday we had a clean up day, where we close down for the day and focus on cleaning up, re-arranging, and prepping for winter. 

Thursday night was the best part of all. We had our first art show at Room In The Inn! Participants who took art classes (or in some cases just one art class) were allowed to showcase their work. The turn out was huge, and I was fascinated by all the support shown by the staff and the community. Most of the other YAVs showed up as well to see what all is going on at RITI. Four of the pieces where purchased by the Tennessee State Museum! After only three days of working there, I was already able to say how proud I was of all the work that we do, and that I will continue to help with as my year continues.

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  1. My name is Kathleen and I found your blog through the PC(USA) site. I'm discerning my call and think the YAV experience in Nashville might be part of it. Is there some way we could chat? I'd like to know all about your experience.